the art of performance

Cylinder head development is foundational to building competitive power and speed; it's where artistry and craftsmanship converge with applied sciences. A discipline where the nuance and balancing of engineering, physics and materials science collaborate to enable and inspire fine works of metal art. An art where painstaking detail is forged and sculpted, to be experienced and expressed as force multiplied by velocity (geek-speak for power). The countless hours of welding, machining, shaping, measuring, calculating, testing and refinement - is the performance art - that is Performance Concepts. Our experience spans over three decades and our results are a matter of record... We produce and deliver some of the most competitive cylinder head work available, anywhere.


when getting the most, means the most

Many of the engines we build have parts we've modified or custom components we design. In cases where OEM (or aftermarket) designs or materials become limiting factors, is when we step in to provide the necessary experience and expertise. Knowing when and how to make changes to a component is key, when we recommend modifications or custom components you can be assured it's to help to maximize performance and service life. We design the most robust, lightweight high performance custom engine parts for any application. We work with industry leaders in component manufacturing and top providers of specialty engine coatings and treatments - to help you access the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Piston Modification & Design

Pistons in the cylinder head section?

Yes, while other cylinder head specialists may overlook this area, we tend to take a more comprehensive approach to cylinder head development. The top of the piston is in fact - the floor of the combustion chamber, a crucial area to examine during cylinder head development. The piston skirt is an area that can benefit from reducing friction and stress-risers. Properly planned and executed piston work is often key to fully unlocking the true potential of a cylinder head. Integrating appropriate modifications or designing a new piston further optimizes performance, reduces friction and increases piston (and associated component) service life.

piston mod

valvetrain mod

Valvetrain Modification & Design

When OEM or aftermarket simply won't do

The OEM and aftermarket typically offer good components for general use, though certain applications call for something beyond what's readily available. Valves, springs, retainers, guides and associated components see repeated high rpm cycles, heat, friction and a variety of mechanical stresses as a part of normal operation. Greater demands are put on those parts in racing or other high performance applications. When needed, we can modify existing parts or design custom valvetrain components to the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Camshaft Timing Optimization

Degreeing Cams

Altering cam timing (degreeing cams) to an optimum can pay large dividends in both power gains and delivery characteristics, making it easier to ride faster. Our cylinder heads perform superbly as delivered, though you'll want to degree your cams to take advantage of it's full potential. Stock engines also benefit from altering cam timing. At the factory they're simply not timed as accurately as the engineer may have envisioned. This is due to production tolerances and compromises made during manufacturing and assembly. If you're looking for the best from your Performance Concepts cylinder head -or- simply want you're stock engine to run at it's best - we can help.

cam timing



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