Here are rates for services that have known times and/or a flat rate. Pricing is provided for convenience and reference, while efforts are made to maintain accurate and current pricing, prices are subject to change without notice. If you have questions about any services and/or costs, it is always best contact us. To help better understand how things work, there's also useful information below regarding - pre-delivery prep, payments and deposits as well as discounts offered.


General Rates

Hourly Rate Price Note
standard labor rate (mechanical/welding/fabrication) 136.00 per/hour + materials/supplies
technical instruction/consulting 176.00 per/hour + materials/supplies/all expenses
on-location support services 200.00 per/hour + trip charge/all expenses
Teardown & Inspection / Engine Removal & Re-Installation Starting @ Note
cylinder head (head off engine) 102.00 - 170.00 depends on make/model
cylinder head (head on engine/engine already out of chassis) 136.00 - 272.00 depends on make/model
top end (engine already out of chassis) 204.00 - 374.00 depends on make/model
complete engine (engine already out of chassis) 340.00 - 680.00 depends on make/model
remove & re-install engine 476.00 - 748.00 depends on make/model
Courtesy Services Price Note
general safety inspection (w/minor adjust/correct - if needed) FREE w/any paid service
basic ergos set-up (adjust controls for rider comfort) FREE w/any paid service
Test & Evaluate Starting @ Note
compression / leak-down 68.00 engine out
compression / leak-down 68.00 - 136.00 engine in chassis
cooling system 34.00 - 102.00 depends on accessibility
charging system 34.00 - 102.00 depends on accessibility
Fastener - Extraction & Thread Repair Starting @ Note
extract - broken / stripped - nut / bolt 34.00 - 136.00 depends on accessibility
install - thread insert (helicoil/recoil/timesert/rivnut) 34.00 - 136.00 depends on accessibility
weld-up & re-thread / spark plug thread repair 136.00 per/hour + materials/supplies

OEM Spec - Engine Rebuilding

In addition to performance work, we provide standard engine rebuilding services. If you're simply looking to refresh or restore your engine to it's original condition as delivered from the factory, we can rebuild your engine to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications. Actually, your engine will be considerably better than what the factory provided... We have much higher quality control standards.

NOTE: Top End Rebuilds on engine designs that have the cylinders integrated with the upper crankcase as 1-piece - will be treated as Complete Rebuilds and thus priced as such. This is due to the fact, that those types of engines require complete engine teardown in order to perform certain operations, such as: piston removal, piston ring replacement and/or piston skirt work. Cylinder de-glazing, honing, boring and/or re-plating. Cylinder block machining, if required.

OEM Spec - Top End Engine Rebuild Starting @ Note
In-Line Four (4-cylinder) 1100.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
In-Line Triple (3-cylinder) 1000.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
Parallel Twin (2-cylinder) 900.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
V-Four (4-Cylinder) 1300.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
V-Twin (2-Cylinder) 1000.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
Single Cylinder (450 cc and above) 700.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
Single Cylinder (below 450 cc) 500.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
OEM Spec - Complete Engine Rebuild Starting @ Note
In-Line Four (4-cylinder) 1600.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
In-Line Triple (3-cylinder) 1400.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
Parallel Twin (2-cylinder) 1200.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
V-Four (4-Cylinder) 1800.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
V-Twin (2-Cylinder) 1400.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
Single Cylinder (450 cc and above) 1200.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models
Single Cylinder (below 450 cc) 1000.00 +parts/materials - depends on make/models

Cleaning & Preparation

All vehicles and/or parts should be thoroughly cleaned prior to delivery for any service. Meaning the engine (and engine parts/components), chassis and running gear (wheels, brakes, suspension) should be reasonably free of dirt, mud, grease, oil, brake dust, road grime, etc... Preparation also includes removing any bodywork panels and other components that are not essential to the service you are coming in for.


The better the cleaning and preparation, means the less time we spend on that aspect and the more money you save. Delivering a clean, well prepped vehicle and/or parts that is ready for service is to your advantage in other ways. Before work is started, a general inspection is performed free of charge, including minor adjustments or corrective actions also free of charge in most cases. This provides an overall evaluation of the general operating condition and often identifies problem areas that may affect performance, reliability and safety. Additionally, conditions that add complexity and/or cost to the job will likely be revealed - This helps reduce "surprises", so you know what to expect, can make informed decisions and/or adjust your plans accordingly. In contrast, delivering a dirty machine and/or parts hides potential problems, hinders the process and can delay the work you came in for.


We do understand that sometimes either due to time constraints or lack of facilities, it can be inconvenient to perform the cleaning and prep prior to delivery. In such cases we can perform the required cleaning and prep for you, at the standard labor rate of 136.00 per/hour, plus the cost of cleaning supplies.

Accepted forms of Payment

  • Cash
  • Check (no out of area or third-party checks accepted)
  • PayPal (with prior approval)
  • Credit/Debit (via Square)


  • 50% Deposit - on all jobs estimated at $300.00 in labor or more.
  • Payment in Full - on all engine teardown/inspection services.
  • Payment in Full - on all sub-contracted services.
  • Payment in Full - on all materials/supplies estimated at $100.00 or more.

Available Discounts

To receive any of the available discounts below, you should be prepared to provide the items that apply to you: Current race license/credentials and verified standings/records for current or last season. Race worker/volunteer - i.d./roster no. (w/web link). Discount may not be combined, only one will be applied.

  • 20% - Racer Support Discount - to top 3 position holders and/or current record holders.
  • 15% - Racer Support Discount - to top 5 position holders and/or previous record holders.
  • 10% - Racer Support Discount - to all licensed racers.
  • 10% - Worker Appreciation Discount - to workers/volunteers of racing organzizations
  • 10% - Professional Courtesy Discount - to workers of independent motorcycle shops and dealers