extending the art of performance

Engine development is a continuum in the art of performance... An engine is the sum of it's parts and systems that must work in synchronization and balance. An optimum balance of speed, power and reliability is the core requirement of any competitive engine. At a certain threshold, power gains from cylinder head work, displacement increases and/or forced induction - puts greater demands on all the other systems. It's here that we look to restore and/or optimize that balance to appropriate levels for the given application, while further enhancing performance and service life. Our experience spans over three decades and our results are a matter of record - We produce and deliver some of the most competitive and reliable engine work available, anywhere.



what it takes

There is seldom any "free lunch" in performance work, gains in one area will generally take from another, again balance is key. After determining the strength and weakness in all systems, a balanced plan for both performance and reliability is developed. The work is focused on maximizing performance and minimizing losses (or eliminating when possible) in order to produce the best possible results for any application. This is achieved through many hours of data collection, analysis, inspection, measuring, weighing, calculating, testing and so on. We employ many processes, practices and techniques that serve to provide a solid foundation to help engines tolerate mass power increases. Much of that work is specifically aimed at optimizing efficiency and reliability; which often helps to free-up power that's already there and helps take better advantage of the performance specific work. The higher the intended performance level, the more balanced the package must be and the more extensive the preparation and counter-measures become.


commitment and mindset

There are no secret formulas or easy paths to a truly competitive engine, it's simply a lot of hard work, both intellectually and physically. Great engines require great effort and commitment; putting forth the necessary time and energy, while applying every bit of knowledge, experience and skill to every project. Engaging engine development at any meaningful level, is a commitment to an educational process in perpetuity. It requires staying on top of the latest and most relevant developments, trends and techniques at the upper echelons of racing. Part of this continuing education is also developing and mastering the necessary skills to apply that knowledge. An engine developer is "always on", the discipline permeates conscious and subconscious thought long after the tools are put away and well before the workday starts. Every engine must be better than the last, engine development is never finished or finalized, there is always forward thinking, improvement and innovation.




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